24x LED Candle Tea Light Blue Flameless 120 hours Battery Operated Party

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LED candle lights have already become the necessary items when you are enjoying the candlelight dinner with your family. Those 24pcs Plastic LED Flameless Candle Lights for Wedding are the beautiful LED candle lights are high-effective and low-consumed. Except that, they adopt the LED as the lamp wick, which delivers strong security and environmental protection. The LED candle lights feature romance, warm, and happiness in one. They are perfect for many places and for both outdoor and indoor use.

No hot and dirty wax to deal with
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Flameless, smokeless and long lasting, safe to use
Easy to use, simply switch on/off button on the bottom to control the candle light
Soft light color give you a cool and romantic atmosphere
CR2032 Batteries included and can be exchanged.

Main Material: Plastic
Light Color: Blue
Diameter: 3.61cm
Weight: 163g
The lights can last 3 days

Package Includes:
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