Dreamz Knitted Weighted Blanket Chunky Bulky Knit Throw Blanket 3KG Blue Green

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Use your new weighted blanket to help calm your nerves and anxiety. A calming blanket might be exactly what you need to get a perfect night’s sleep. It is like a warm hug all night long.

We expect you will use this heavy blanket for sleeping. You can also be all nice and snug in the lounge room watching your favourite drama while drinking a hot chocolate. Why not get second so you can invite a friend over to chill with you?

You get warmth in winter and breathability in summer with this large chunky knit weighted blanket design. You will be using this for many seasons to come. It is just that well-built.

Clean your weighted sleep blanket in the washing machine along with anything else that will fit. You can ever put it in the dryer so you will never miss a night’s sleep with it.

Pick the perfect colour and size for your needs. Suitable for queen size bed and downwards. Grey pink blue grey navy or yellow. You decide.


Key Features:

  • Chunky and soft
  • Extra-large size
  • Dense texture
  • Unified weight distribution
  • Hand woven
  • Helps relieve anxiety and stress
  • Machine washable
  • Use as throw blanket mattress or rug

Brand: Dreamz

Size: Kids

Weight: 3.0kg

Material:  Polyester

Filling material:  Microfiber

Dimension (L x W):

Kids: 121cmx91cm

Colour: Blue green

  • 1x Dreamz Weighted Blanket