Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags Compressing Space Saver Organizer 360° Rotated 6pc

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Need more space in your wardrobe? Get yourself some vacuum storage bags. Pack down all your winter clothes ready for the warmth. Unpack all your vacuum-packed summer clothes.

Got a problem with mould or insects attacking your clothes? Use your vacuum storage bag. Keep your clothes safe when you aren’t using them. No more dust or moisture damaging your clothes.

Pack your clothes into your vacuum pack bag. Seal up the sides. Open the valve attach your vacuum cleaner and suck out the air. Screw the hanging hook on. Now you can store your slimmer clothes.

Use the suction mode on your vacuum cleaner to remove air from your vacuum seal storage bags. Don’t have a vacuum cleaner? You can just squeeze air out or use a hand or foot pump.

Hang your vacuum sealed clothes in your wardrobe in an air tight bag. Want to wear something? Just twist off the hanging hook and it is ready to wear. If it has been stored for a long time you may need to let it air for a while.

Key Features:

  • Integral multi hanger hook
  • 360° Rotation hook
  • Transparent vacuum bag
  • Airtight and fast sealing
  • Universal valve and dual-track zipper
  • Ultra-tough PET and PE
  • Perfect for bulky clothes storage

Material: PET and PE

Bag thickness: 140 Microns

Dimension: 145cm x 70cm (L x W)

Colour: Transparent and blue


6x Hanger Vacuum Storage Bags