Paper Bag Lantern Luminaria Fire Retardant Candle Party Wedding Christmas

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- Host a great party with these amazing lantern bag tea light decorations.
- Great to use on tables or table centerpieces for many types of events such as a 21st party, a 40th birthday party, a kids birthday, a candy bar, a wedding, a graduation party, a hens night, a bucks night, Christmas celebrations, Easter celebrations, a birthday, a beach party, table centerpieces, hot summer nights etc.
- They are great for adding light in a dimmed or dark room for a beautiful lit effect.
- They are great for adding to the ambience of any indoor or outdoor party: including any garden, patio, decking, pathway or driveway. They create a stunning effect at outdoor parties and celebrations in the warmer, spring and summer months, or undercover in the cooler, winter months.
- They are so, so easy to use.
- Simply open them up and weigh them down with some sand, soil or even small stones.
- Then, add a tea light or larger candle inside and light up.
- You can even use the LED lights that are available for purchase in a lot of variety stores.
- The paper used for these tea bags is flame retardant Kraft paper.
- These bags are RE-USABLE so please keep them for your next party or event.
- If the lanterns lose their shape, their shape can be easily restored with a hot iron.
- You can choose from many different shape options.
- You catch match the lantern bag that you choose to your theme for the event.
- Material: Flame retardant paper ,the bag is white.
- Patterns : Heart, Birthday, Star, Sun
- Wide :9cm
- Length : 15 cm
- Height :26cm

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