Portable Newborn Baby Lounger Nest Pod Crib Cot Bed Sleeping Bassinet Cotton AU

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Lay your baby down to sleep next to you. Watch them sleep peacefully in their baby nest bed. Stop worrying you will rollover onto them as you get a few winks yourself.
Support is important. Your new travel baby bed is the perfect balance between sinking and bouncing. Share your bed with your baby while you both have comfy sleeps.
Slip the bolster pillow out of the baby nest and then wash the rest. Just run it all through the washing machine then you are right as rain.
Take your portable bed wherever you need. Lift it out of your car and carry it into your friend’s place. Set your baby up in it and have fun at the party.

Thick 4cm mat
Reinforced 12.5cm wide edge
Skin-friendly fabric
Soft and breathable
Portable for travel use
Machine washable

Cover material: Cotton
Filling material: Perle cotton
Mat thickness: 4cm
Dimension: 53cm x 88cm x 15cm (L x W x H)
Color: Multi-color

1 x Baby Nest Bed