UP 500x Cleaning Wipes For Camera Lens Computer Tablet Phone Screen Dust Removal

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1. Optical Wipes: Specially designed for optics
2. Anti-Bacteria: 100% Bio-degradable & disposable cleaning wipes. Gently wipe the lens to clean all kinds of dirt, sterilized to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.
3. Application: For computer, mobie phone, TV set, remote control, navigator MP3/MP4 player, digital camera, LED screen and other lens cleaning and protection.
4. Certification: RoHS compliant, this product has passed the test of SGS.

Color: White
Bag Size: 7.5x5cm

Product Size:9x12cm

Package Includes:
100pcs of Lens Cleaning Wipes

OR 200pcs of Lens Cleaning Wipes

OR 300pcs of Lens Cleaning Wipes

OR 500pcs of Lens Cleaning Wipes

The following cleaning materials may cause unrepairable damage to your lenses: Tissues and Towels, Water, Alcohol based cleaners.