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Best Type Of Balloons and Accessories For Your Party

There are no rules when it comes to a party. You can decorate it as you want, with as many balloons and accessories as possible. The only thing to remember is to use the right balloon type, style, and accessories.

But how to do that? It can be confusing as there are many different types of balloons and accessories types. The good thing is that the following article covers everything about the best types of balloons and accessories to make your special day even more memorable.

So, stick to the end to learn more about which balloon types, styles, and accessories you should get for your next party!

Types of Balloons

There are many types of balloons, each with its distinctive features. Though latex is the most commonly used type in parties and functions, you can also go for other balloon types. So, to help you understand better, here is a quick guide to different types of balloons for your party.



As mentioned earlier, latex balloons are the most popular for parties. They were made of dried animal bladders in the past, but modern-day latex balloons use liquid rubber. It gives them the desired flexibility and shape, ideal for any function. 

One thing to note about latex balloons is that they are not meant to be kept for long. They are perfect for a few hours to one-day functions as they are prone to air leaking.

In other words, latex balloons cannot keep air for more than a day because their material is porous. So, even after one day, latex balloons will start to sag.


Mylar balloons have a metallic look and a foil-like texture. They are more expensive than latex balloons because of various reasons. First, they are made of different things, including mylar as the base material and aluminum as a cover.

Second, mylar balloons feature larger imprint areas than latex balloons. It also gives them a larger size; thus, more helium can be filled in a mylar balloon, and it will float longer than latex balloons.

Still, despite having so many features, mylar balloons are no different than latex balloons for longevity. They undoubtedly capture all the attention with their bright, shiny surface. But, the air will still start leaking after one day, like latex balloons.


Vinyl is another material used in balloons. It is much more durable than latex or mylar balloons as it is UV-resistant. Besides summer, these balloons can withstand other external elements like rain and wind. Such material makes balloons ideal for outdoor parties and functions at midday.

You will be surprised to know vinyl balloons can last months and even years. Unlike other balloon types, they are inflated with air (and not helium), so they save money in the long run. This is why they are also called reusable balloons, as you only need to purchase them once.

The only concerning things regarding vinyl balloons are their limited movement and their higher price. These balloons won't float as much as latex balloons. Plus, even if they are a one-time investment, they come at a price.

Choosing the Right Balloons & Accessories for Your Party

Every party is unique and requires the right balloons for decoration. But, only balloons are not enough. While they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, you need various accessories to set them and take the decor to the next level.

So, here is a list of all the things you should consider for your party.

1.   GAMINICS Balloon Garland Arch Kit

The first thing you need is party balloons. But instead of buying balloons alone, you can get entire decor kits which make the entire decoration so much better.

First, these latex balloons will give your party a classic look. You can get them in many different color combinations, including

  • Blue, gold, and silver
  • Blue and gold
  • Pink, silver, and purple
  • Yellow, blue, green, and pink

Each package contains fifty 12-inch balloons. 10-inch and 5-inch balloons in their respective colors. Besides that, you also get 1 balloon arch strip,1 glue dot (includes 100 dots), a silver ribbon, and a balloon tie tool.

2.   Iridescent Party Supplies Circle Garlands

Balloons alone can look empty, so add a touch of excitement with holographic hanging garlands. You can find endless styles for hanging decors, but something as simple as these holographic dots will make any ordinary decor exceptional.

These hangings go perfectly with party balloons with their unique combination of reflective, shining, and glittery sides. They are super-easy to use as they come pre-assembled. Just hang them with the balloons, and you are all set. 

What else? You can use this hanging decor on doorways, windows, walls, and ceilings for various party themes, such as weddings, anniversaries, valentine's day, or Christmas.

3.   Satin Ribbons

Balloons always look perfect with some sort of hangings. And if garlands are not your type, go for ribbons. The best thing about these satin ribbons is that you can tie them straight to balloons. Because there are no sharp points, as in the case of garlands, the balloons will be perfectly safe with ribbons.

Besides using them as hanging decor, you can also use satin ribbons for wrapping gifts or floral, craft, and wedding uses. Make bows, decorate the cake, or scrapbook just as you want — ribbons will do it all.

The package contains 18 rolls of satin ribbons in various colors: fluorescent green, royal blue, beige, pink, orange, peach, red, light blue, grass green, rosy, pale green, and light purple.

4.   Tulle Backdrop Rainbow Curtains

Curtains are not wall hangings like garlands or ribbons. They are used to make the entire background for your special occasion, which makes them a must-to-have accessory for any balloon party.

Consider these tulle backdrop rainbow curtains available in rainbow themes. Their inner layer is made of satin cloth, while the outer layer comprises two layers of soft tulle, giving the curtains a smooth, soft look. Perfect for any occasion like a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or graduation, these curtains will make a great background for all the fun activities.

5.   Balloon Sticks and Cups

Sticks and cups are other cool accessories for any party. They are used to give the illusion of floating balloons, especially if you prefer not to use helium-inflated balloons. It is always better to buy them in packs as they are reusable and are a one-time investment.

These balloon sticks and cups are transparent, allowing you to spray paint with whichever color you want. Even if you don't color them, they look great with all colors of balloons.

Other Things for Considering Balloons and Accessories for Your Party

All the accessories mentioned above will make any party stand out. But you should also remember a few other things when deciding on your special occasion, as follows.

1.    Party Theme

Every party has a theme, whether it is a birthday event, a baby shower, or a valentine's day celebration. So, the first thing to do is to picture how you want the decor to look.

The good thing is that you can save your time and energy by getting entire balloon sets. These sets include different balloon styles and accessories to make any party outstanding.

For example, consider these DAWNTREES Birthday Balloons. This balloon set is perfect for making any birthday special. The package includes latex balloons, confetti balloons, heart-shaped aluminum balloons, five-pointed star aluminum balloons, happy birthday letters, rain silk door curtains, table cloth, Ribbons, and rose gold confetti.

2.   Color of Balloons

When deciding on your party, the first factor to consider is the color of the balloons. For instance, if you want Valentine's day or a wedding/engagement theme party, red comes to mind.

If that's what you want, these ruby-red latex party balloons will do justice to the event. The package contains fifty thick latex ruby red balloons. What makes them ideal is that they come with black balloons inside every 12 inches. So, you can also use them together or separately as red and black balloons.

3.   Balloons Styles

Bored of traditional balloons? Top up your party with these unique balloon styles:

  • Letter balloons: perfect for any occasion, they can be used at the entrance, as a background, or anywhere you like them.
  • Twisting balloons: there is no end to how many shapes you can create with these twisting balloons!
  • Metallic twisting balloons: just like other twisting balloons, but with a touch of shine and metal.
  • Rose gold foiled balloons: looking for an aesthetic party? Look no other than these rose gold foiled balloons; they are so elegant!
  • Gold paper confetti: gold makes any party pop, so use these balloons to add a golden touch to your special occasion.


Whether it is a small or big party, balloons are the first thing to decorate the place. You can get many types, styles, colors, and sizes for balloons. Just make sure to balance everything according to the party theme.

You can mix and match your balloons or follow a particular theme to decorate the place. To save time and energy, it is always better to get pre-assembled balloon kits. But you are also welcome to play with separate balloons to find the perfect decor for your special day!

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