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Australia Flag

Arthur Philip, a British admiral, sailed into today’s Sydney Cove with a shipload of convicts and hoisted the British flag on January 26, 1788. Australia Day honors this first European settlement on the continent as Aussies celebrate their diverse landscape, the impact of British settlement, and the influence of immigrants all over the world. Citizens hold all kinds of celebrations, from cultural ceremonies to community events.

But that’s just one side of the story. 

Australia Day also symbolizes the grief that Indigenous Australians endured in 1788. To them, there is little to celebrate as the day commemorates the loss of sovereign rights to their land, family, and the right to practice their culture. For the Islander people, the British settlement was the start of massacres and years of discrimination and oppression. Thus, you may hear people refer to Australia Day as "Invasion Day" or "Survival Day."

Over a third of Australians recognize that Australia Day isn’t an appropriate day for celebrations anymore, gradually turning it into a platform where the people’s voices are heard. Today, there are more important conversations about the people’s national identity, history, and the journey towards reconciliation.

At Let’s Party Australia, we acknowledge these diverse perspectives and how important it is to have open dialogue and understanding. We don’t just sell festive decorations and flags; we also hope to make people reflect on how complex Australia Day is and bring them together to honor the past and prepare for a more inclusive future. 

What Makes Our Flags the Best

On 26 January, Australians will fly the Australian flag high in front of their homes so they’ll need quality materials. Here’s why our Aussie flag is a top choice:

  • Premium Polyester Material: We sell high-quality and heavy-duty polyester flags that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and are also suitable for indoor use.
  • Versatile sizes: You can choose between large (90cm x 150cm) and extra-large (90cm x 180cm) Aussie flags for your special day. 
  • Easy to Install: Our flags come with two metal grommets for easy mounting. 
  • Printed on both sides: The flags have double sided-print so the design is visible on both sides. 
  • Affordable: Both flag sizes go for $21.99 a piece, from the original $29.99. 

Being culturally competent means recognizing what others feel. As you fly your flag high on January 26, understand that we’re all in this together, both Australians and Islanders, with a shared past and a hopeful future where diversity is celebrated and not disputed. 

Extra Large Aussie Australian Flag Australia Day Oz Heavy Duty Outdoor 90x180cm
Celebrate Australia Day with pride using our Premium Outdoor Flag, a symbol of Aussie spirit. Crafted with durable,...
Large Australian Aussie Flag Australia Day Oz Heavy Duty Outdoor 90cm x 150cm
Elevate your Australia Day celebrations with our Durable Outdoor Flag. Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, this flag...
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